Valacar Plotinus


Naive, sheltered, and idealistic are all words that could be used to describe young Valacar. Youngest son of House Plotinus, the young paladin turned his back on what could have been a life of luxury and comfort provided by the wealth of his family, owners of the largest coal mine in the province. Wanting for nothing, it was only a chance meeting with a cleric of Pelor who was on pilgrimage in the region that young Valacar’s eyes were opened to the glory of a life of adventure. The cleric regaled the youth with stories of far-off lands, desolate peaks, giants, and the most sinister threat he had encountered.. the legions of the undead. Valacar’s imagination reeled as the priest described the virtuous and holy forces he, and his loyal companion – a paladin, had called upon to dispatch wave after wave of foes, living and undead alike.

It was not long after this meeting that Valacar began to visit the temple of Pelor with ardor. His parents delighted at the thought of their youngest becoming a powerful priest, but the youth was athletic as he was devoted, and as he became a young man it was clear that a life of power and politics would not be his destiny.. he would become one of those who offer their lives in sacrifice to be the righteous shield of Pelor.. a paladin.

After taking his first oaths as squire, it became clear that Valacar’s destined would be one of dogged faith, great deeds, and occasionally even greater misunderstanding. Because, as Valacar’s understanding of the Word of Pelor increased, his worldview became evermore narrow and uncompromising. His family’s lavish home became a den of iniquity in his eyes, his own family becoming a crew of gluttons, squanderers, and robber barons.. exploiting the downtrodden peasants.

—to be continued, assuming this thing lets me update ;)

Valacar Plotinus

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