Az Er

The most brilliant kobold of his generation.


Level one kobold mage. ‘nuff said.


Kobolds still speak the name Az in fear and recognition. Not this particular Az, but his grandfather, Azer the Elder. Azer was typical of his breed in the older days; very cunning but uneducated, vicious and spiteful but incredibly weak and easy to kill. One day, a group of adventurers came in and wiped out all of his companions with magic and steel. The only one to beg for mercy, this kobold tried to show them that he was useful by offering them all the money that the kobolds had (46 silver pieces, a fortune amongst kobolds). They were disgusted by him, but as they were kind-hearted and he had surrendered they spared his life. Unable to speak common, he kept on repeating “Azerazerazerazerazer…”, so they dubbed him Azer.

The very next town they stepped in, Azer’s petulant and sycophantic manner started to get on their nerves. He would carry their clothes, follow them obsequiously, beg them constantly for attention and fawn over them. One of them, the cleric of the group, found this kobold amusing… Or at least, he found his other party member’s hatred of it very amusing. Hence, when Azer finally was killed by being thrown into a wall, this cleric healed him.

Over the next two years of adventuring (a lifetime by kobold standards), Az died many times and became a seasoned adventurer. When the group finally broke up, he was given the unspeakable fortune of gold. This made him the wealthiest individual kobold to ever walk the planet.

He returned to his tribe a much more experienced and cunning kobold. He married the most beautiful kobold female on the planet, and quickly started producing his progeny. Azer’s years of adventuring had given him much wisdom in avoiding death, and he has managed to live to be the most ancient kobold the world has ever known, more than seventeen when Az was born. He is still around; the chieftain of a group of kobolds (half of them his children or grandchildren or progeny in some form or another), fawned over by them as a near religious figure.

Az is the progeny of Azer’s, a twelfth generation direct descendant. When he was born, a unique lunar eclipse caused the shaman of the tribe to predict that Azer would be a truly remarkable kobold. This was quickly proven true by Az’s ability to cast magic with remarkable ease. Az was brought to his great elder, the mighty Azer, and given the opportunity to learn at his side.

Az became a powerful mage, but his elder’s words also inspired him to be different from other kobolds. Although weak even for a kobold, he still provoked many fights by saying things that were far too intelligent for other kobolds to understand. When he finally disagreed with the shaman, this was too much and Az was kicked out of the tribe.

But as he left, Azer snuck out and met with Az. He gave him a fortune in gold and told him to find his own path. Az went into the human lands, and snuck into the city. When he was found, he was promptly arrested for the crime of being a kobold. (Not written in the books of the city, but a crime nonetheless)

Az is a confused kobold who wants to do the best in his life. He knows that he is brilliant, but the one thing that he has learned most of his life is that acting superior and powerful usually causes fights. He hates actual conflicts, because in any one fight he could easily die. The thing he wants to do most one day is go to a real university and become a great scholar and professor. He hopes to also one day create a magical item that will rain destruction upon many cities. He wants to be feared and known amongst all the races, not just kobolds like his father. Yet he wants to do this by himself, not ever becoming a lesser member of a faction.

Az Er

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