The Nation of Dreisannon, once respectable and noble, has degraded into a hollow and rotting remnant, like that of a carcass of a former animal once beautiful.

Known as the “Land of the Three Suns,” It was once known as a unity that conquered all evil. In a time where darkness and beast ravaged the wild lands, a pact was made between the primitive tribes of man, elf, and dwarf to unite and cut through the lands, extinguishing the life of all that lie in wait in the darker places. Though at first they cut through more primitive beasts with ease, they soon learned that lying in wait were more devious and cunning things. A massive war swept throughout the land, and many were slaughtered. However their endurance awarded them victory, as the creatures broke apart and fled in all directions of the map. Now having claimed their territory, the unity focused on the new priority of establishing and uniforming a new civilization. This became the first of the tri-courts. The dwarves, masters if stone and architecture raised the foundations and walls. It was they who would learn the ways of weaponry and technology. The Elves, with their magics used their skills for agriculture. Harvests were bountiful and their warriors and citizens became strong. They developed various schools of magic and sorcery and with these new gifts enlightenment was achieved. Finally the humans were left with the most important task, to develop and initiate and new set of laws, a new economy, and a fair system of leadership and power. Once established they ventured west in search of new resources with the goal of expansion. Within the following centuries they witnessed the bizarre and mysterious, and in their travels met many strange and new allies. as the numbers of their tri-cities began to grow they began appointing the new allies as the leaders of their region. Gnomes, Goliath, dragonborn, and even small settlements of drow and orcs were appointed as leaders of their regions. eventually the country had grown and thrived. Diplomacy was a n ew and bold concept, and was used responsibly. The end result left 9 Tri-Courts, with a total of 27 leaders who would meet to discuss matters that was best for the growth of their people.

Shortly after even the continent was divided into three primary regions. The north west focused upon the evolution of new technologies, such as black powder weapons and crude electronic machinery. The east specialized in public affairs, and remains as the mind and conscious of the nation. Finally with rich barrens, plains, and fields,the south became a place of agriculture, resources, metals, and growth. Connecting a web of paths and roads for export throughout the continent it is notorious as being the heart of the continent. Trade and import as well as vast export with other nations such as the orient of Bahn Lao, the sister continent Meridann, and most importantly the western nation of Itica. The people were happy and were able to express religious, political, and ideological views without fear of persecution. All was well and thriving… until the fall of Itica. It was due to that event that we began to spiral into chaos.

Forty five years ago Itica was our most prized ally. having been our country’s top importer and exporter, our pride consumed us as all of our faith, and money, was invested with them. We cannot explain exactly what had occured within the following two years, but eventually we began to lose communication with Itica. Our Trade routes became derailed as our ships left our ports, only never to return. It was later that crashed upon the rocks of our shores, that we found their vessels, only without their crews. While the trade goods were still in tact, though some rotted, it was rumored that a strange white sand covered the decks of the ships.

Months had passed and still not a word. Those who ventured to investigate Itica never returned. Most importantly, our economy, so dependent upon Itica, began to fall apart, and then… people were starting to become desperate…

I lie here, hearing the screams and shouts of the city outside. Gangs and organizations of darker origins roam freely. Our government became corrupt, as new leaders were appointed. They promised us change and in our haste open our doors to the beasts. Law is now an issue of money, as the average guard and marshal is nothing more than a thug who can be bought away. Crime has risen so dramatically that hearings have become more rare. As an attempt to purge the infection from the wound, many are convicted and sent away before the opportunity of a fair trial. our most common method of dealing with these monsters is by offering money for services, usually from some group of fanatic vigilantes seeking fame and fortune. This however is flawed as well as more often than not these vigilantes become mere assassins, and will strike against anyone regardless of their innocence or guilt. Other guilds have abandoned their brothers and travel in search of treasures. The largest rumor is that precious trinkets can be found on abandoned islands outside of Itica. Not only has the toll of lifetaking increased dramatically, but now hundreds, possibly even thousands of residents have disappeared without a trace. I fear for the worst should things remain as they are.

Where are the heroes I once heard about as a child? those who gut evil and strike fear into the hearts of the hostile. where are the men who cannot succumb to greed and weakness? who will save us now?

-Robert Sigil: a citizen of Dreisannon

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A Tale of Treasure Hunters

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